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About Peggy O'Neill

About Peggy O'Neill

Master Esthetician, LPN

A Master Esthetician and LPN with more than two decades in practice, Peggy O’Neill specializes in restorative and anti-aging treatments with an emphasis on sun-damaged and collagen deficient skin.  Peggy began her career in professional skincare working with a research cosmetic dermatologist performing laser treatments and assisting dermatological surgical procedures. In the 1980’s she went on to study the emerging science of chemical peels with glycolic and salicylic acids. Subsequently she added micro-dermabrasion to her repertoire of therapeutic and restorative skin treatments.


With the further development of laser technology in the 90’s, Peggy trained in the use of fractional (pixel) lasers and was certified for their use in medical skincare treatment. Under the supervision of two board-certified plastic surgeons, Peggy studied Sclerotherapy (the removal of spider veins) and earned a certificate in Mastering Sclerotherapy, the Method and Meaning. Peggy was also the nurse coordinator for a Japanese study on pigmented lesions (brown spots) under the supervision of a research dermatologist. She takes special pride in the training and grooming she has offered other successful skin care providers.

After fourteen years working in dermatology and a further twelve years in plastic surgery, Peggy opened her own successful practice in 2010.  Her services are focused on addressing the damaging effects of aging skin and include micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels; photo facials (IPL); micro-needling; derma-planing; fractional laser treatment; brown spot and skin tag removal.

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